About Me

Hi, I’m Susan P Kimball, LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker).

My Credentials:

I am licensed in North Carolina as a Clinical Social Worker.

I hold a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from the Ohio State University in Columbus, OH.

My primary training is in Clinical Mental Health and Substance Abuse. I have received additional certifications as a Gestalt Therapist, Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioner, Heart Centered Hypnotherapist, and as a Qualified Supervisor in Florida. I’ve attended the College of Executive Coaching, Gottman Institute, and Debbie Ford Shadow Workshop.

My Experience:

I have practiced mental health counseling and substance abuse treatment since 1989, and have helped hundreds of clients achieve better health and well-being.

I have interned at several Columbus, OH clinics, including Maryhaven and at the Department of Psychiatry at OSU Harding Hospital.

I started off as a Substance Abuse Counselor and Family Specialist at Rutland Mental Health, VT, Horizon Human Service, Buffalo NY.

I became the clinic supervisor at the Buffalo General Hospital Lancaster Clinic, Lancaster, NY, and then started a private practice in East Aurora, NY.

After remarrying and getting tired of the snow, I moved to Florida where I worked at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches. I was also contracted to work with Hanley Hazelden’s Eating Disorder support group, Roots & Wings Middle School prevention program. I’ve worked with NY and FL State and Federal probation and parole overseeing substance abuse and mental health clients.

My volunteer activities include working with CHOICES for Victims of Domestic Violence Inc., Huckleberry House, Inc., Suicide Prevention Services, Columbus, OH, The North County Churches Home Delivered Meals, Inc. Jupiter, FL, and Hospice of Palm Beach County, Inc., W. Palm Beach, FL.

My Background:

I didn’t start out even thinking about helping other people.

Being the product of a broken home, I developed a deep and abiding sense of right and wrong. I raised myself reading, listening to music and with a love for my pets and nature. But I suffered long and hard with feeling lost, lonely and confused.

In short, I felt broken.

I wanted to know why. I couldn’t put a name on it then, but I became a searcher. I wanted to know the truth of things.

And search I did until not being satisfied and remaining in pain, I rebelled and made many bad choices. I did that for quite a while.

It took hitting an emotional bottom. I was going through a divorce (number two) and was a single parent in a town where I didn’t know anyone. It was the perfect storm.

I couldn’t stop crying

I cried going grocery shopping; go to college, at work, at home. It was embarrassing, messy and frightening. The more I tried to control my tears the worse they got. It was either ending it all or finding a therapist.

I found a therapist.

In fact, I shopped around. I needed one that was a good fit. I started off with male therapists but ended up with a wonderful woman who helped me.

I got better

I got to understand myself and many of the why and how I ended up the way I did. I spent time getting to know myself which wasn’t easy or quick, but in the process, I started to volunteer at different organizations that I felt pertained to me. I was drawn to that work because I came across many others in pain and it felt good to help others the way that I had been helped.

The rest is history

I decided to work in private practice after eleven years of working in agencies. Since 2000, I’ve counseled many people in private practice ranging over many issues from anxiety, depression, phobias, trauma, eating disorders, panic attacks, parenting issues, codependency, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, anger management, women’s issues, life transition issues, and end of life issues.

My husband and I moved from South Florida to Waynesville, NC in 2013, for a change of pace. We love living in the Blue Ridge Mountains with our two Pomeranians. It’s also that much closer to my son who lives in Rhode Island.

I’d love to hear from you, click here to drop me a line or call me for a 15-minute consultation.