How it Works

You may have heard of the phrase “Nothing changes if nothing changes, and if I keep doing what I’ve always done, I’ll keep getting what I’ve always got, and will keep feeling what I always felt”.

What this means is that in order to change the problem in your life, you need to change something.

Have you gone to therapy before and felt that you were just rehashing the same stories and after a while you noticed that not much had changed in your life despite the therapy?

Or maybe you tried all the Law of Attraction things, or set goals at the beginning of each year only to find yourself backsliding?

There’s a reason for that…

To make real change, you need to understand the brain science behind what it takes to change.  Research shows that you need a guide to help you through the stages of change and understand why you get stuck along the way.

So, why would you go to therapy? Because you seek relief from your pain and find someone who can help you make sense of your pain.

Why go to a Women’s Specific Counselor?

As a woman, you have special needs one of which is to have someone that understands the realities of women’s lives. When you are trying to change, grow and heal, it’s critical that you find a place that fosters safety, respect and dignity.

But these three things are imperative for your therapy to be successful.

1.       You need good chemistry with your therapist so that you’re comfortable enough to open up.

2.       You need a desire to change with some idea of your goals.

3.       You need to be able to work through your fears and stuck points.


My Approach to Therapy

My approach includes an eclectic approach that women in particular enjoy because they’re creative and fun:

  • Gestalt Therapy. This is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on the “here and now”, as opposed to digging into past painful histories. You can experience a greater sense of freedom, control and serenity.
  • Creative therapies. This is the use of the creative arts (collage, phototherapy, journal therapy), as a form of therapy. Through creative expression and the imagination, you can discover what’s going on inside yourself. This is not about being artistic; it’s about what you learn about yourself in the process.
  • Positive Psychology.  This approach focuses on your positive emotions, your positive traits including your strengths and virtues. Positive emotions are concerned with being content with your past, being happy in the present and having hope for the future.


The First Few Sessions

Our sessions last one hour. In the beginning, we’ll spend some time completing forms and I’ll briefly explain my office policies, cancellation policies and the fees.

We’ll have time for questions to get to know each other and what you want to explore in therapy.  Through this discussion, I will share some initial observations and thoughts about the potential for self-discovery and healing.

Then we will create a plan together of your goals, actions needed to reach them and a projected date of completion.

I have been helping hundreds of women since 1989 to recognize their strengths and what they truly value in life on their journey towards creative change.


“Creating a collage was fun and helped me to realize my goals.  I feel very light and I am filled with so much hope and I am ready to take flight creating my dreams!”


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